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Coffee Pod Cutter, PodCut, open, clear and recycle the used coffee pods

Coffee Pod Cutter, PodCut, open, clear and recycle the used coffee pods

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ABS Plastic


5cm (Length)
10cm (Width)
1cm (Thickness)


A must-have tool for every coffee organizer station. The used coffee pods can be easily recycled by using this cutter. You can effectively use the coffee ground for deodorization and compost. No more moldy capsules in the house!

【Injury Prevention】

No more sharp tools needed. 4 easy steps to get it done. Even kid can use this cutter to open used coffee pods, as long as the pods are not hot or moldy.  Four simple steps:

1) Place the cutter over the pod's cover

2) Apply a mild force and twist the opener

3) Peel off the capsule's cover

4) Scoop out coffee grounds with the small spoon at the front.


You can rinse the cutter. Furthermore, the ABS plastic makes scratches less visible, keeping the cutter as new as ever.

【Lightweight & Colorful】

Made of ABS plastic, thin, light and reusable. Only 4 inches (10.2cm) long, 1.9 inches (5cm) wide, 0.3 inches (0.8cm) thick, and weighs 13 grams. With 3 bright colors to choose from, it’s easy to see in your coffee bar!

【Designed in Belgium & Made in Taiwan】

Patent Protected. Inspired by Belgian coffee drinkers, crafted by a pod user and made by a natural lover. 

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How to use Podcut for recycling Nespresso Coffee pods?

  • Benefit from our low shipping fee

    Only 4 € shipping fee to France, Belgium, Netherland, Germany and USA

  • Painlessly Recycle Your Coffee Pods

    Sit down and take few minutes, open and clear used coffee pods. Now you can recycle your coffee pods without making trips to stores, drop-off or collection points.