Recycle Nespresso Coffee Pods Has Never Been This Easy

No Need to Go to Nespresso Store Just For Giving Back the Used Pods.

  • Nespresso should have given us this tool...

    Nespresso should include this cutter in their machine or pods. Then recycling pods is not complicated anymore. This is a nice product!
    ~Kevin Wong

  • Well-Done!

    Opening Coffee Pods with PodCut is so soothing for me. My kids can use it and they think opening and recycling the pods is fun.
    ~Ashley Burke

  • No anxiety anymore

    The pile of coffee pods used to cause me anxiety. I know they are rotten inside but I just hate to make a trip to Nespresso Store just for dropping these pods.
    ~Kim Cheon

Mildew is Bad for the Health

Ever wonder what's going on inside used coffee pods before you take them to Nespresso Store?

They silently sit at one corner in your kitchen and get moldy since they are wet and air is able to pass through.

An used coffee pod is perfect for mildew to grow.

Coffee Grounds is Compostable

Seeing mildew on the coffee grounds suggests that they are compostable. Yes, coffee ground is food for soil microbes. Microbes are effective natural soil builders.

By sending coffee grounds to compost, you restore the soil and reduce wastes.

If you are using Nespresso Recycling Bag...

Nespresso recycles their pods with Nespresso Recycling Bag. Each bag is good for 120 used pods. If you clean out the pods before you toss them into the bag, you can recycle more than 300 pods in one bag. This means fewer trips to drop-off points, without disgusting moldy pods at home.

Open Coffee Pods like Pro

Before tossing pods to a recycle bin, we must remove the contamination of food. Have you ever tried cut open a used pod for recycle ? Holding a small pod makes fingers and palm muscles sore, which increases the chance to get cut by the utility knife.

That's why we bring PodCut to you.

Get A PodCut

Take Easy Steps

1. Put PodCut on a used coffee pod.

2. Twist the cutter.

3. Remove the cutter.

4. Scoop out the coffee grounds.

Peace of Mind

Users reported that cutting open a pile of coffee pod sooths their mind, for they are able to :

Not seeing a bunch of wastes keep piling up at kitchen.

Not making more wastes and cosuming more resources.

Slow down:
Open the a pod gracefully (we didn't smash the pod) and enjoy feeling of well-done.

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